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Our Voice is no ordinary news site. Join a community not just of readers, but of writers. Growing every day, our community has none of the limitations of a typical news site. Go where your story takes you and rack up a huge following along the way. Discover your voice, create your audience and show your friends. Easy embedded share features on each article page will make showing your contributions to your friends a snap and help you get your voice out there.

Will writing for this site make me a respected voice?

At Our Voice, the only limit on the size of your audience is the depth of your analysis. Join a community that policy makers, news junkies, sports enthusiasts, and everyday people throughout the Middle East turn to for the latest news and opinions. In a crucial, but increasingly unstable, Middle East expect your articles to be devoured by an audience hungry to get beyond the story and hear your voice.

Take this opportunity to reach behind the headlines and let the world know what is really going on in the Middle East. With a permanent archive page and easily shareable author profile you can show the world that you saw it coming. Become known for being a step ahead and the world will learn to come to you.

What’s in it for me?

Writing for Our Voice comes with certain benefits. Our authors unlock badges by contributing, commenting, and collecting an audience. Collaborate with other writers to expand your audience, or compete to land on the most read list and make your mark as a country or region-wide expert. Collect awards that show your expertise, shoot up the leaderboard as you post and watch your articles become promoted across the site, featured in the newsletter or even go viral across the web.

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