Submission Guidelines

Why you’re here

Our Voice is a place to push the envelope, not to push others around. These rules are designed to keep Our Voice an environment where all opinions can be welcomed and challenged. Please exhibit a professional respect for your own and your colleagues’ work when posting commenting and interacting with Our Voice. The rules below are here to ensure that everyone follows that sentiment and to keep Our Voice open to all.

Guiding spirit

Our goal is to create a community of authors willing to tell it like it is. We encourage debate, but will not tolerate personal attacks, the creation of multiple accounts or any violation of site rules. We may step in to close discussions or ban users who become abusive.

What does writing on Our Voice mean?

Since Our Voice is about authorship, you can only have one account. This attempts to prevent users bumping their own posts from other accounts and other possible issues. Having multiple accounts could result in a ban. Our Voice is free to use whatever you do post from your account in whatever manner we see fit. Our Voice also reserves the right to adapt, or modify the content for editorial or other reasons and can then use that content worldwide in perpetuity in any form of media.

Don’t get banned

We don’t shy away from controversy, but below are the actions that could result in your posts getting taken down and your account banned.

Posting comments and other interactions that attack, abuse, or otherwise harass other users are prohibited and users may be banned. Posts that includes objectionable material including obscenity or racist, sexist, or homophobic content is in violation of the rules and will likely result in a ban. So will linking to websites that violate our policies. Advertising is not allowed nor are calls to break the law. Sock puppeting or attempts to use another person’s identity are forbidden. We respect national and international copyright laws and so must you. Spammers will not be tolerated. We don’t allow plagiarism and don’t encourage posting anything more than a short paragraph from other sources even with proper attribution. You cannot post other’s personal contact info, or harass Our Voice team members. Trade secrets, or proprietary information should not be posted. When we find content that violates these rules we’ll remove it and reserve the right to ban the user. Note, Our Voice is not responsible for content linked to on our site, or those that link to Our Voice.

When you do post something that breaks the rules, expect your post to be removed. We reserve the right to edit, delete or otherwise change your posts at any time for any reason. The rules themselves are also subject to change and we reserve that right. Please consult the current rules pages to ensure your post is compliant with regulations. This is your responsibility. When you are found to repeatedly or egregiously break the rules, you may be banned from posting/contributing on Our Voice. At this point you may receive a note detailing your violation and your ban.

If you feel your banning is in error, please email Our Voice at Accounts that have been banned for a long period of time may also be eligible to be reinstated. If users are banned again after reinstatement, they will likely be permanently banned.

What do we mean by objectionable contents?

Posts that are abusive. This means targeting another user, moderator or staff member or other individual in a harassing or abusive manner will not be tolerated.

Posts that are discriminatory based on any attribute, for example race, religion or sex, or use discriminatory language. Trolling not allowed.

Low quality posts that are only a few words long, are gibberish, or use excessive or incomprehensible abbreviations.

Automated posts or content that is judged to be spam. Promotional posts for other sites without the explicit permission from Our Voice.

Obscene material that is inappropriate for a general audience, or would be unpublishable on a news forum. This means obscene or pornographic language or links to this material.

If moderators, staff, or other users feel your post falls under any of these categories, it will be removed and you may be banned.

Let us know when you see violations

If you see violations of these rules let a member of the Our Voice team know at Do not engage with users breaking the rules or respond to harassing comments with comments of your own that violate the rules. This could result in your own ban.


We will enforce these rules to the best of our ability. We will attempt to respond to any issues as quickly as they come to our attention and reserve the right to remove or otherwise alter any post at any time. Users acknowledge however that posts on the site are not the views of Our Voice and are solely those of the user. Our Voice staff, moderators and webmaster cannot be held liable for posts by any other uses.

We are using Google Analytics

Please confirm, if you accept our Google Analytics tracking. You can also decline the tracking, so you can continue to visit our website without any data sent to Google Analytics.
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